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Sen. Jim Inhofe Adds Anti-Gay Amendment To Federal Budget

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) recently added several amendments to the federal budget resolution, including one amendment that would allow the discrimination of gay people based upon religion.

A similar "religious freedom" bill was signed into law by Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) today. Gov. Pence was asked by WIBC radio (video below) if religious freedom had actually been threatened in Indiana, but could not name any instances, reports Talking Points Memo.

Like Indiana's bill, Sen. Inhofe's amendment doesn't specifically mention LGBT people. notes that this amendment would undermine a prior executive order by President Obama that prevents companies (that contract to do work for the federal government) from discriminating against LGBT employees.

Sen. Inhofe's amendment reframes those who discriminate (against gay people per religious beliefs) as being discriminated against by the federal government.

According to Sen. Inhofe's website, "Amendment 381 would seek to prevent the federal government from discriminating against individuals, businesses, or organizations based on their sincerely held religious beliefs regarding abortion or marriage."

Sen. Inhofe added a statement:

Under policies enacted by the Obama Administration, many religious organizations and individuals have grown concerned that they will be discriminated against by the federal government based on their religious beliefs.

...My amendment helps to protect the constitutional right for an individual, business, or organization to peacefully and freely adhere to their religious beliefs.

Sources: Sen. Jim Inhofe,, Talking Points Memo
Image Credit: United States Congress


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