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Sen. James Inhofe Claims Gun Control Has Nothing to Do With Sandy Hook Family Members

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) said today that the proposed gun control laws do not have anything to do with the family members whose loved ones were killed with guns in the Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting.

"See, I think it's so unfair of the administration to hurt these families, to make them think this has something to do with them when, in fact, it doesn't," said Sen. Inhofe, reports

Sen. Inhofe failed to provide proof that the family members were made to think anything or "hurt" by President Obama.

When told that the families of the shooting victims believe they have a right to speak out on the gun debate, Sen. Inhofe said, "Well, that's because they've been told that by the president."

The family members were in Washington D.C. to meet privately with senators to get support for a gun control package, which includes universal background checks.

Sen. Inhofe is promising with several other Republicans to filibuster the gun control proposals to prevent it from coming up for a vote.

Sen. Inhofe has an "A+' rating from the NRA and Gun Owners of America, reports the Washington Post.

"It is incredible and unacceptable that a filibuster should stop the vote, and that is the feeling of these families, but also of other victims, whether it's Tucson, Virginia Tech, Aurora, but overwhelmingly the majority of Americans as well who expect their government to work for them," said Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn), who met with the family members.

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