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Sen. Harry Reid Says Bain Investor Told Him That Mitt Romney ‘Didn’t Pay Any Taxes For 10 Years’

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) claims an investor with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s venture capital firm Bain told him that Romney paid no taxes for a decade.

Sen. Reid also told the that Romney’s father, George Romney, would be embarrassed by the conduct of his son during this year’s presidential race.

Reid said: "Harry, he didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years. He didn’t pay taxes for 10 years! Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain. But obviously he can’t release those tax returns. How would it look? His poor father must be so embarrassed about his son."

Asked to respond, the Romney campaign’s advisor Kevin Madden told that Romney has “gone above and beyond the disclosure requirements by releasing two years of personal tax returns in addition to the hundreds of pages of personal financial disclosure documents he has provided to the FEC and made public.”

Fox and Friends, this morning, scolded Sen. Reid (video below).

Gretchen Carlson said: “Is that out of line for a Senator to not necessarily check the facts before you go off and bloviate and before you know it, it’s a big story. And it’s not true.”

Brian Kilmeade added: “He’s accusing him of breaking the law and he should go to jail."

Kilmeade also chastised Reid for bringing up Romney’s deceased father: "You’ve got to be kidding me. How irresponsible is that?”


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