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Sen. David Vitter Wants to End 'Lifeline' Phone Program for Poor (Video)

Senator David Vitter (R-LA) recently introduced two amendments to the Farm Bill that would reduce services for low income Americans (video below).

Sen. Vitter wants to end the "Lifeline" government phone program, which he called "welfare," for low income people.

Conservatives often deride the program as "Obamaphone," but it actually began under President Reagan in 1984, reports

"The cell phone welfare program has expanded far beyond its original intent, and as so many middle class Americans struggle underneath this economy, it is really offensive for Washington to make folks pay for free cell phones for others," Sen. Vitter said. "It's an entitlement program gone mad."

Vitter's second amendment to the Farm Bill would prohibit people who are convicted of murder, rape and pedophilia from receiving food stamps.

However, assuming these people get out of prison, Sen. Vitter would still have those "folks" pay taxes for other people's food stamps.

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