Sen. Chuck Grassley: Government Sold Guns to "Underworld"


A Senator is accusing the United States government of selling guns to the "underworld," and that he is being "stonewalled" in his investigation.

Newsmax reports that Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley said this operation was similar to the "Fast and Furious" scheme in which the government sent guns to Mexico, and then tracked them to determine which ones were used in crimes.

“It’s hard to distinguish between the two, but evidence has come out that the orders came down from Justice that our agents were supposed to take taxpayers money, buy guns that shouldn’t have been sold, get them to the underworld,” Grassley told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren. “The sale was made to the underworld. It happens to be that in this particular case, the federal government made a little bit of money, but that’s not the main issue.

“The main issue is that you would think they would arrest the people that bought them illegally -- no, they were told to just follow the guns -- they followed the guns to a storehouse. They would not have 24-hour surveillance except for one of the agents decided to stay there six days,” Grassley said. “A truck came along to load up the guns. They called for help to arrest them in the process of transferring the guns, but they wouldn’t send anybody to arrest them, so the guns got over -- got some place, maybe over the border -- and they were never traced, which was the purpose of the operation in the first place.”

Grassley said he is trying to investigate, but the Justice Department is not cooperating.

“There’s something sinister going on -- they’re doing everything they can to avoid the issue -- they want to stonewall us and string us along,” Grassley said. 

Van Susteren said she had a letter from the Justice Department to Grassley saying that allegations are false.

“It is a false statement from the Department of Justice -- they knew about this -- I made reference to this in my first letter as they indicated, and the order came directly to an ATF agent to make the sale,” Grassley said.


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