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Sen. Bob Menendez Responds to Underage Prostitution Allegations

After the FBI raided the office of one of his top donors earlier this week, Sen. Bob Menendez denied allegations that he saw prostitutes while traveling with that donor in the Dominican Republic. The donor in question, Dr. Salomon Melgen, had boxes of items removed from his office during the raid.

At this point, it is only speculation that the raid had anything to do with Menendez, but the senator’s office did acknowledge that Menendez flew on Melgen’s plane at least three times.

In a statement, the Menendez’ office claimed that the trips were “paid for and reported appropriately,” and also denied the prostitution claimed. "Any allegations of engaging with prostitutes are manufactured by a politically-motivated right-wing blog and are false,” the statement read.

It is entirely possible that the reason for the FBI raid was based solely on Melgen’s financial situation. The doctor has an outstanding IRS lien of $11.1 million for taxes owed between 2006 and 2009, according to records at the Palm Beach County recorder's office. But that’s not the only theory.

It was first reported in November that New Jersey Democrat Menendez had sexual relations with several prostitutes at Melgen's mansion in the Dominican Republic. An individual going by the name of Peter Williams claims to have knowledge about the situation and has been communicating with the FBI via email.

Emails posted online show Williams corresponding with a Miami-based FBI agent. In the exchange, the FBI agent asked to meet Williams "away from the Dominican Republic" to discuss the situation.

Washington watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, also released emails that it allegedly received from Williams. However CREW director Melanie Sloan admitted in an interview that there were concerns about the credibility of the source and that she was "increasingly suspicious" about the alleged facts in the case.

"He refused to ever be contacted by us by phone," she said. "It's really easy to make a lot of allegations. ... Who knows ... if that's even a real person."

The senator's office has rejected the charges for months and says the emails are "unsubstantiated garbage."

Source: (Fox News)


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