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Sen. Bernie Sanders Won't Use Super PACs To Fund His Presidential Campaign

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is already an unusual politician — he’s progressive and a vocal critic of those in power on either side of the aisle and in the private sector. On April 29 he announced he’ll run for the presidency seeking a nomination from Democrats, but he’s breaking the mold even more — he told ABC News he won’t be using a super political action committee to fund his campaign. 

A super PAC is a fundraising group that can accept unlimited political donations independent of a campaign or candidate. Sanders said he believes super PACs are symptomatic of a bigger problem — a political system dominated by the wealthy.

“I’m not going to go around the country talking to millionaires,” he said. “Now I'm saving my time because they wouldn't give me any money anyhow, and that's fine.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is facing a scandal over large donations to the Clinton Foundation, a philanthropic organization.

“So do I have concerns about the Clinton Foundation and that money? I do,” Sanders said. “But I am concerned about Sheldon Adelson and his billions. I’m concerned about the Koch Brothers and their billions. We're looking at a system where our democracy is being owned by a handful of billionaires.”

Sanders said few people are immune to that system. “Do I go into this thing as the underdog? Absolutely, no question about it,” he said. “We're going to be heavily outspent, but I think the American people have had enough of establishment politics, i think they want real change i think they want to see a movement which stands up to the billionaire class.”

Sanders plans to fund his campaign with individual, small donors. His campaign will officially kick off in May.

Sources: ABC News, The Hill

Image via John Pemble/Flickr


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