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Sen. Bernie Sanders Walks Out Of Interview (Video)

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont walked off during a TV interview in Phoenix on March 17 (video below).

A reporter with KPNX asked Bernie about his wife Jane Sanders' visit to "tent city," an outdoor prison of canvas tents run by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Jane made an unscheduled stop by "tent city" on March 14 where she was confronted by Arpaio.

"Your wife was criticized for meeting Sheriff Joe Arpaio at tent city," the reporter asked. "It wasn't scheduled. She didn't plan it, but he showed up. My question is--"

"You know what, let me just tell you something," Bernie interjected. "What Joe Arpaio is doing is an outrage. My wife went to look at the so-called tent city, which is something that should not exist. The fact that he crashed her meeting is, to me, very, very wrong. Not something that he should have done."

Bernie went on to express his support for the Latino community, and mentioned the unemployment problems they face. He said there should be more investment in education and jobs, not prisons and incarceration.

Moments later, Bernie ended the interview as the reporter asked him if he would consider a vice presidential spot.

Bernie wife's was looking through a fence at "tent city" on March 14 when Arpaio walked over from a press conference he was conducting nearby and the two began to verbally spar, notes The Arizona Republic.

Jane tried to explain to Arpaio how jails are supposed to treat people humanely, but he dismissed her concerns by saying, "We haven't had any problems."

Arpaio often uses that stock answer, which is supposed to compare U.S servicemen who were in Iraq to prisoners, the Arizona Republic notes.

"These are all convicted," Arpaio told her. "They're all doing their time."

"OK, I had not heard that," Jane replied. "I had heard the opposite I thought that it had changed."

"No, that’s why I like talking to you is because at least I can get my side," Arpaio said.

Jane tried ask Arpaio about racial profiling practices by his office, but he denied it and dodged the question.

Arpaio informed Jane that he supported Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and she told him that she was voting for Bernie Sanders.

Sources: KPNX, The Arizona Republic / Photo Credit: KPNX via WFB JACK/YouTube

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