Sen. Bernie Sanders Takes On Pro-Donald Trump Heckler (Video)


Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont was heckled by a man wearing a Donald Trump shirt during a speech on Jan. 2 at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Massachusetts (video below).

"Shame on you, Bernie," the heckler yelled at the Democratic presidential candidate, according to The Hill.

"Here's a Trump supporter worried about Mr. Trump's money," Sanders fired back.

The spelling-impaired heckler held a sign that read: “Obama is as Cristain as Bruce Jenner is a woman," reports Joe My God.

The heckler shook his fist and tapped his bald head while security escorted him out of the rally.

"I say to Mr. Trump and his supporters that the billionaires in this country will not continue to own this nation," Sanders added.

Sources: The Hill, Joe My God / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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