Sen. Bernie Sanders Supports Hillary Clinton On Private Emails (Video)


During the Democratic presidential debate on Oct. 13, front-runner Hillary Clinton gained support from fellow candidate Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont when they were asked about her private emails, which have been the focus on the Republican-controlled Benghazi committee (video below).

Clinton recalled how GOP House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy admitted the Benghazi committee was an effort to bring down her poll numbers, and she said the committee was “an arm of the Republican National Committee,” notes

When Sanders was asked the same question, he exclaimed, "The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!”

Clinton added, "Thank you! Me too! Me too!"

Bradley Podliska, an Air Force Reserve officer who worked for the Republican staff of the Benghazi committee, told The New York Times on Oct. 11 that some Republicans on the committee found time to create a wine club, "Wine Wednesdays," and a gun-buying club.

Sources:,The New York Times / Photo Credit: CNN Screenshot


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