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Sen. Bernie Sanders Says The GOP Is Trying To Start A War With Iran

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) organized an open letter to Iran, warning them that the nuclear deal currently being negotiated with the U.S. and its allies won’t be upheld when President Obama leaves office. The letter was cosigned by 47 Republicans senators.

The letter has been widely criticized as backhanded and drew the ire of the President, Democrats and Iranian officials alike. Some have even condemned the letter treason.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) told reporters in Washington that the letter constituted “sabotage,” Politico reported. 

“[M]y Republican friends seem to be itching for that war,” he said. “When you sabotage the effort to reach a peace agreement by the leader of the United States of America — the man who is charged with dealing with foreign policy — that, to me, is really unspeakable.”

The former chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Sanders said the letter was an insult to the human cost of the U.S.’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Apparently, some of my Republican colleagues do not believe that two wars are enough,” he said.

Though Sanders is an Independent Party senator, he’s considering running for the presidency in 2016 with the Democratic Party.

Sources: Politico, Bloomberg / Image via J. Alex Cooney/Flickr


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