'I'm Running Against Wall Street': Sen. Bernie Sanders Wants To Take On 'The Billionaire Class'


Sen. Bernie Sanders is considering a run for president in 2016, and he's well aware of the potential obstacles in his way. Hillary Clinton, a substantial number of Republican candidates, and the American public’s cautiousness towards a self-described socialist, come to mind.

For Sanders, who would run in the Democratic primary, although he is officially an independent, the greatest obstacle may come in the form of money.

"My God, if you run for president, you're going to need a gazillion dollars," Sanders said. "You're taking on the Koch brothers, who have an endless sum of money."

Sanders plans to visit New Hampshire this weekend and then Iowa in a few weeks to gauge whether he can build a coalition to make climate change a priority, and hit Wall Street with a financials transactions tax, reports Bloomberg.

As for what type of president the country needs, Sanders has an answer.

"We're going to need bold leadership," Sanders said. "We're going to need people prepared to take on, frankly, the billionaire class, to prevent this country moving in the direction of oligarchy."

The biggest causes Sanders would focus on on the campaign trail would be “the collapse of the middle class,” the Koch brothers’ political “oligarchy,” and the GOP’s position on climate change, something Sanders calls an “international embarrassment,” reports Politico.

But Sanders will not run if he cannot “do it well.”

"It's something that I would like to do, but I can't do it — won't do it — unless we do it well," Sanders said. "All I know is if I run, I'm not running against Hillary Clinton. I'm running against Wall Street and their greed that has helped destroy this economy. I am running against 'Citizens United.' I am running against those people who deny climate change."

As for his potential opponent, Hillary Clinton, Sanders has little to say about her intentions to run.

“She will make her own decisions,” Sanders said, “and I will make my decisions."

Sources: Politico, Bloomberg / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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