Sen. Al Franken Explains Net Neutrality to Ted Cruz


“He has it completely wrong and he just doesn't understand what this issue is,” Sen. Al Franken told Candy Crowley on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

This is another development of the issue that arose last Monday when President Obama called for the FCC to regulate net neutrality.

The President’s call sparked confusion and spectacle from the Republicans to lash out and declare opposition on the issue. Their opposition was heightened by Ted Cruz and his self-manifested analogy comparing net neutrality to Obamacare.

But have no fear – Sen. Al Franken is here. He explained quite frankly that net neutrality isn’t a new government program, like the health care exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act. On the contrary, “we have had net neutrality the entire history of the Internet.”

Additionally, “When [Cruz] says this is the Obamacare, Obamacare was a government program that fixed something, that changed things,” Franken said. “This is about reclassifying something so it stays the same. This would keep things exactly the same that they've been.”

Finally some common sense to read through the lines on this issue. Republicans, especially Cruz, are trying to turn the issue of net neutrality into another reason Obama is wrong. The real issue here is Internet freedom for all.

Sure, Ted Cruz, your op-ed is right; entrepreneurial freedom is important to preserve. But sometimes you really have to look at an issue on face value and decided whether or not it is good for the majority of the American people.

In this case, the entrepreneurial freedom of cable providers will create Internet fast lanes so they can charge for faster loading times. I don't think Americans will want to pay extra just to load a page that they previously could have seen for free.

Yes, the Internet is changing, and if the government does not regulate net neutrality to preserve the status quo, change will come which denies the future of entrepreneurial freedom.

Source: Huffington Post


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