Veteran Gary Trost Kicked Out Of Mall For Using Segway


After sustaining four gunshot wounds in Afghanistan defending his country, the last thing veteran Gary Trost thought he would have to endure was “friendly fire” on home soil. Especially at a local mall, of all places.

But on a recent trip to the Foothills Mall in Maryville, Tenn., Frost found himself caught in the crossfire between mall policy and a difference of opinion. He was approached by a security guard, according to Trost, due to the fact that he was apparently improperly using his Segway.

"A security guard approached me and said I was going to have to take out the Segway. I told him it was an ADA, or a handicap piece of equipment," said Trost. "If I walk long distances my leg will start hurting. My sciatic nerve was severed, and I can't go long distances. I need to take a break.”

Mall policy does “permit the use of battery powered scooters and Segways inside the shopping center by people with disabilities, but they must be used in a safe manner.”

According to the security guard, he told Trost he was speeding and then asked him to leave the mall.

"This is not about me. This is about other people who also have ADA equipment."

Sources: FOXNews,


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