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Report: Secret Service Removed Sensors Before Intruder

New information has surfaced about the White House intruder who jumped a fence and wandered onto the White House grounds for almost 20 minutes.

Secret Service agents were reportedly "angry" and "extremely" disappointed after Jonathan Tran, the 26-year-old intruder, breached the White House's security, according to TheBlaze. New information has revealed that the man may have been able to get into the White House grounds because of a change in the area's security.

The man was allegedly able to enter the grounds after Secret Service removed alarm sensors from the part of the fence that he scaled, sources told the Washington Examiner. Tran reportedly entered the area shortly before midnight on March 10.

Tran reportedly did set off an alarm when he initially scaled the fence, but birds and squirrels can trigger the sensors as well, which may have caused some uncertainty.

The Secret Service reportedly removed sensors when the fence around the White House was altered to make it higher and more difficult to scale, putting the sensors to use elsewhere. The sensors that were removed were not replaced.

Agents have also questioned why the agency's K-9 unit was not dispatched after the first alarm was set off, and was only called in later to inspect the intruder's bag for explosives.

Tran was reportedly carrying two cans of pepper spray, a letter to President Donald Trump, as well as Trump's book, according to The New York Times. The Secret Service noted that while Tran was able to wander around the grounds, he did not enter the White House itself.

Tran reportedly bypassed several layers of security, and was able to wander around on the White house grounds for 17 minutes.

The incident led Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah to state that "big changes" were needed in the Secret Service.

One week later, on March 18, another man snuck onto the White House grounds claiming that he "had a bomb in his trunk." That man, identified as Sean Patrick Keoghan, 29, was charged with making false bomb threats and unauthorized use of a vehicle, after the car he had been driving was discovered to have been reported stolen.

Keoghan reportedly stopped his car at the White House checkpoint shortly after 11 p.m. and got out, telling officials that he had a bomb in the trunk. "This is a test," Keoghan reportedly said as he was being detained.

Earlier the same day, another man was arrested after jumping over barricades to enter a restricted area outside of the White House fence, where he is said to have stood "yelling nonsensical statements." That man was identified as 58-year-old William Bryant Rawlinson.

The Secret Service has said that it is increasing its "posture of readiness" in response to the recent incidents.

Sources: Washington Examiner, TheBlaze, The New York Times / Photo credit: Matt Wade/Flickr

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