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Secret Service Reportedly Warms Up Crowd For Trump

Secret Service Reportedly Warms Up Crowd For Trump Promo Image

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch shared a shocking anecdote on Dec. 12, saying Secret Service members ask others to be "positive" when speaking with the president.

"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough was discussing a recent report in The Washington Post detailing how President Donald Trump will go "off the rails" when his staff present information about the current investigation into alleged Russian collusion in the presidential election, according to RawStory. Often, staff members will hide upsetting findings from the president by writing them down in briefing summaries.

"I’ll say that Donald Trump has finally become president when his staff stops treating him like he’s a child,” said Scarborough to the other panelists on the show, adding that the White House has reverted to "being nothing more than an adult day care center." 

He added: "You see it in the staff briefings, you see it in the press room, where you have people going out before microphones that are afraid to tell the truth because they know they’ll upset their boss."

Deutsch then shared his own story showcasing the lengths the president's staff will go to in order to keep him happy.

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"I heard an anecdote that was both stunning and frightening, and kind of funny,” Deutsch began. "A friend of mine was at [Trump's New Jersey golf club] Bedminster recently and Trump happened to be there that day, and Trump was working the room. A Secret Service guy came over to my friend, and says, ‘When you speak to the president, be positive.' Audience warmup for the president, that’s what the Secret Service is doing now." 

He added: "The entire being of the presidential circle is act managing his imbalance versus making decisions based on what’s going on. That’s kind of frightening."

That isn't the only time Trump's staff has reportedly gone to great lengths to keep him happy. Vice News reported in August that staff from the White House and the Republican National Committee will assemble two packets a day for the president, each filled with screenshots of positive headlines or admiring tweets about Trump.

Each day, staff will reportedly scour social media and media outlets around the country to see how the president is being perceived by the country. The more favorable headlines or news segments will reportedly be saved in the so-called "propaganda document" that will be presented to the president later that day.

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When it's difficult to find positive news, staffers will instead include flattering photos of the president within the packet, the report said.

"The RNC is always going to work to defend the White House, the administration, and its members of Congress, and our war room’s efforts help capture and drive how our team can echo that defense," said RNC spokeswoman Lindsay Jancek.

Sources: RawStory, Vice News / Featured Image: The White House/Flickr / Embedded Images: The White House/Flickr, The White House/Wikimedia Commons

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