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Secret Service Asks For $60M More To Protect Trump

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According to documents obtained by The Washington Post, the U.S. Secret Service requested an additional $60 million in funding for its 2018 budget. Almost half of the extra money was designated for the protection of President Donald Trump's family in New York, which costs an estimated $300,000 each day.

However, according to a source close to The Post, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) rejected the request.

But just because the OMB rejected the request doesn't mean it is done and the Secret Service will not find a way to come up with that additional amount, it just means the Secret Service is going to be forced to shift some of its internal operations costs to cover the request.

The Secret Service also investigates cybercrimes, counterfeit-money operations, and cases involving missing or exploited minors, according to The Hill. Sources close to The Post suggested some of these other vital programs could see cuts so that Trump and his family will be able to receive adequate protection.

Trump, who was incredibly critical of former President Barack Obama's vacations and travel budgets, will easily outspend his predecessor's eight-year term during his first year in office. The Secret Service already has a budget of $734 million.

Reportedly, $33 million of the additional $60 million requested would go to providing protection for Trump and his children, who are running the family businesses while their father is in office, Vice President Mike Pence, and other visiting heads of state and dignitaries as they travel.

Another $26.8 million would go directly to protecting the president's family and private home in New York City's Trump Tower. That money would go to fortifying and protecting the three-floor Manhattan penthouse currently housing First Lady Melania Trump and her son, Barron Trump.

Over his eight-year term, Obama spent $97 million on vacations. According to Time magazine, Donald Trump, just over two months into his presidency, has already visited his Mar-a-Lago estate five times, costing the American taxpayer $15 million already. Residents of Palm Beach have been forced to incur an additional $1 million over that time.

These figures don't include the amounts local law enforcement agencies are forced to spend in addition to the Secret Service costs. Palm Beach Sheriffs' offices have been forced to pay out an additional $1.5 million in overtime pay. New York officers say the cost of protecting Trump Tower has already cost Manhattan almost $10 million.

The president, who touts himself as thrifty alternative, will have to explain to the American public as to why these costs are so high, and as to why the public should shoulder the burden of protecting his business interests.

Sources: The Washington Post, The Hill, Time / Photo credit: Trump Tower New York

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