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George H.W. Bush's Jacket Has A Hidden Message On It (Photos)

George H.W. Bush's Jacket Has A Hidden Message On It (Photos) Promo Image

Former President George H.W. Bush didn't stand for the national anthem with his four other peers at an Oct. 21 hurricane relief benefit concert. Instead, he let his jacket do the talking, and now a message on his sleeve is catching national attention.

The 93-year-old joined with the four other living former presidents -- Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter -- in an effort to raise money to alleviate the damage from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, reports the Dallas News. The fundraising event was held at Texas A&M University on Oct. 21.

The elder Bush has a form of Parkinson's disease, and as such is wheelchair-bound, keeping him from being able to stand with the rest of the presidents, notes Fox News.

When the national anthem came on, he reportedly struggled to place his hand over his heart but succeeded, according to Independent Journal Review.

He had other ways to show his support for the country. It takes a keen eye to notice it from afar, but closeups of the elder Bush show that his suit was stitched with red, white and blue buttonholes on the cuff of his jacket.

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The national leaders started the One America Appeal campaign on Sept. 7 in an effort to fundraise for the hurricane victims, notes Variety.

"[President George W. Bush and I] and our distinguished colleagues in this 'One America Appeal' are very grateful to these wonderful performers -- some of them old friends, some of them new -- for giving their time and talent to help the urgent cause of hurricane recovery in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean," the elder Bush said in a statement regarding the concert, according to Variety. "It's important that those affected by these devastating storms know that, even if the path to recovery feels like a road that goes on forever, we're with them for the long haul."

One America Appeal donations go through a special account with the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation, which is tax-exempt and ensures that all of the money donated goes directly to hurricane relief, the organization said, according to the Dallas News.

The living former presidents rarely assemble as a complete group, though they do occasionally appear for significant occasions.

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The last time the exclusive club came together was to commemorate the grand opening of the George W. Bush presidential library in Dallas in April 2013. Health issues kept George H.W. Bush away from President Donald Trump's inauguration in January.

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