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SeaWorld Reshuffles Killer-Whale Shows In California Amidst Legislative Pressure

After facing scrutiny for the treatment of its orcas for years, SeaWorld announced on Nov. 9 that it will put an end to its killer-whale shows in San Diego. However, the shows will continue in the amusement park's San Antonio and Orlando locations.

“We’re not limited to any one animal, to any one show, to any one attraction," SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby told investors during an online conference, according to USA Today. "We are listening to our guests; we're evolving as a company; we're always changing.”

The move away from killer-whale shows comes after the California Coastal Commission denied SeaWorld permission to breed the starring animals.

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California also took action by introducing a bill that would ban all public display of orcas, Gizmodo reports.

If the legislation doesn’t make any headway, SeaWorld’s orcas will still be performing in San Diego. In 2017, a new show with a “conservation message inspiring people to act” will launch.

"They are finally understanding that their current 'business model' might be the real problem, not necessarily the orca shows,” Bernhard Schroeder, director of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center Programs at the San Diego State University College of Business Administration, told USA Today in an email. 

Sources: GizmodoUSA Today / Photo credit: Milan Boers/Flickr

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