Sean Hannity Thanks Hank Williams Jr. for "Not Apologizing" (But Williams Did Apologize)

On Monday’s broadcast of Hannity, the conservative host praised country singer Hank Williams Jr. for not apologizing after comparing President Barack Obama to Hitler on Fox & Friends last week.

“Frankly I’m glad that you said ‘I’m not apologizing,” Hannity said to Williams. “Everyone gets in a minute of a controversy boy, you know its truth, what’s the first thing, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’”

However, Williams did apologize on his Facebook page, writing two days after his controversial statement: “The thought of the leaders of both parties jukin' and high fiven on a golf course, while so many families are struggling to get by simply made me boil over and make a dumb statement and I am very sorry if it offended anyone.”

The singer returned the warm feelings back to Hannity: “You are the only one who stands up and speaks his mind and speaks for us and the way it really is."


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