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Scott Walker To Launch Presidential Bid On July 13

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will officially announce his intentions to run for the White House on July 13, according to numerous aides.

Walker is filing papers with the Federal Elections Commission on July 2 that will fulfill early requirements in the campaign process. He will formally declare his intentions in Waukesha, Wisconsin on July 13, according to CBS News.

Walker will be the 15th declared Republican presidential candidate when he makes his announcement in two weeks. Ohio Gov. John Kasich is expected to follow Walker with his announcement later in July. Rep. Peter King of New York announced he would not run for the presidency, stating his responsibilities leading homeland security and terror committees in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Walker’s rise to fame in the political arena has been challenging at times. He faced a recall in 2012 by Democrats and union leaders for his legislating that limited the collective bargaining rights of many union employers and employees. With the unsuccessful recall, Walker became the first governor in the nation’s history to survive the effort. He would win a close re-election campaign in 2014, largely based on momentum from his 2012 recall challenge.

Walker is also known for providing Wisconsin with some of the largest tax cuts in the state’s history. According to The Associated Press, Walker cut income and corporate taxes by close to $2 billion, while also lowering property taxes.

Walker has had his fair share of controversy, specifically with the state’s educational institutions. For the fiscal 2016 budget, Walker proposed slashing billions of dollars from the University of Wisconsin’s budget, which has drawn criticism from both Republicans and Democrats.

Walker’s own educational background has been brought up, too. Despite attending Marquette University for three years, Walker dropped out with just 34 credits left to graduate. After leaving Marquette, he began working for the American Red Cross.

Despite negative publicity, Walker remains one of the favorites for the Republican presidential nomination. In a new poll of likely voters in Iowa, Walker ranked first, with 18 percent support. His closest challengers, Ben Carson and businessman Donald Trump, were tied with 10 percent each.

Sources: CBS News, AP via ABC News

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr Creative Commons


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