Scott Baio Tries To Make Starbucks Worker Say 'Trump'


Scott Baio, former TV sitcom star and fan of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, recently tried to make an employee at Starbucks say "Trump" by giving his name as "Trump" during a coffee order for his wife.

Baio tweeted a picture of the cup April 2 with this caption: "Got wife a coffee(I've never had a cup)The barista refused to call out name. @realDonaldTrump #MustBeABernieVoter."

Apparently other Trump supporters were so impressed that they decided to do the same thing to Starbucks and Chipotle employees, and post the results on Twitter, notes

Baio triumphantly tweeted April 3: "Check out this! @realDonaldTrump I've started the 'give the Trump name' #TrumpMovement."

In addition to promoting the Republican presidential candidate, Baio also mocked the science of global warming on Twitter April 3: "Dear Global Warming, Funny, I spent 4 days in Palm Desert playing golf, getting a tan while looking at the snow on the mountains."

Baio also appeared on Fox News April 3, where he lamented the erosion of values in America:

It's so easy. Do what you say you're going to do, stand up for conservative principles, fight for them. Go after people for them. I mean, this is the country that we grew up in. Now, there are certain traditions that I hold dear and certain values that I cherish and they’re just being eroded every day.

And it seems like their lives are fine in Washington and I got a lot of friends of mine, who are not in the entertainment business who are hurting a little bit and don't understand why the erosion of traditional values in this country just happens second by second and nobody seems to care.

And the Republican Party, and forget policy, policy is a whole other issue. "We're gonna stop Obamacare." They fund it. "We're gonna stop the executive amnesty." And they give it money. And so, to get me back, you gotta be a man and do what you say you're gonna do.

Jezebel reported in 2010 when Baio went on Twitter and slammed Lady Ga Ga, mocked First Lady Michelle Obama, was accused of being racist, insisted that he knew black people and could not be racist, and then attacked Jezebel for reporting on his tweets.

Sources:, Fox News via Twitter, Jezebel / Photo credit: Scott Baio/Twitter

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