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'That's Our Policy': Principal Refuses To Give Dad His Daughter's Phone Back (Video)

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A school principal refused to give a father his daughter's iPhone back, and offered to give him a flip phone instead.

Video filmed by the angry father showed he and the principal discussing his daughter’s phone, which had been confiscated by school officials.

“We have to secure them,” the principal tells the father of the school’s effort to keep their students safe.

“How are you securing a child by keeping her phone when kids are getting raped and can’t even make it home? I need to make sure my kid gets home safe,” the father responds.

The principal continuously refused to let the father, who paid for the phone, have it back despite his demands.

“That’s our policy,” the principal says. “I’m sorry we took it. She can get it back in a few weeks.”

The principal attempted to offer the father a flip phone “for emergencies,” but he refused and said he needed his property back.

“Why would you make a rule that you take a kid’s phone that the parent bought, the parent can’t get the phone back?” he asks.

“I’m responsible for your child while she’s here,” the principal responds. “If I was in your house, then you can say to me what I can’t do. But when I’m in these bricks, you can’t tell me what I can do.”

The father continues to try and reason with the principal to no avail.

Response from viewers on Reddit to the school’s questionable policy was largely supportive of the father, with some saying that the policy was not legal.

“A school policy does not cancel out theft. The parent themselves came up to the school and tried to retrieve it. That was enough for the phone to be returned. The fact it wasn't returned makes it a theft,” Redditor NetflixPizzaParty commented. “If I walk into a store and the store has a no phone policy, they're allowed to take my property and hold it for an extended period of time because ‘that's their policy?’”

Other viewers questioned the school’s motive behind keeping the phone.

“I'm pretty sure they're trying/wanting to go through the phone's data. She did say that he can have his phone back in a few days, so it seems like they need some time with it instead of just keeping it as punishment,” viewer ErgoNonSim said. “I have a hard time believing that private property can be seized like that by a school.”

“That's also very much illegal,” viewer KearneyCation responded.

What do you think about the school’s supposed policy? Watch the video below.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube


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