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South Carolina State Sen. Lee Bright Says People Who Don't Work Shouldn't Be Allowed to Eat

South Carolina State Sen. Lee Bright, Republican primary challenger to Sen. Lindsey Graham, said recipients of unemployment benefits shouldn’t be allowed to eat.

Bright gave unemployment benefits as an example of failed policy during a Tulsa, Okla., fundraising event, after someone mentioned that “folks in government” aren’t looking out for the best interests of the country.

“We’ve got a lot of people who won’t work,” Bright said. “They won’t work because we’ll provide their food, and we’ll provide their housing and we’ll provide them their spending money.”

Bright added that we often see this “type” in line at a grocery store, like those in line using food stamps who have nice wallets and cars.

During the same event, Bright suggested that immigrants in the country should self deport. He also criticized the Internal Revenue Service, arguing that receiving a letter from the IRS is something that would happen in Nazi Germany.

“There’s no other institution in our government that people are more fearful of than the IRS,” Bright said. “I mean you think about it, the people who are just trying to feed their families, they’re horrified.”

Bright’s other radical ideas include sending anyone who enforces health care reform in South Carolina to jail, creating the state’s own currency and seceding from the nation.

Sources: TPM, Right Wing Watch


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