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Saturday Night Live Parodies Fox & Friends (Video)

Saturday Night Live parodied Fox & Friends' response to President Barack Obama’s recent State of the Union address (video below).

The hosts complained that President Obama’s speech was an “full frontal assault on traditional American values."

According to, a loyal Fox & Friends' viewer “Buttster von Butthole” of “Crust Debutt, Colorado” sent "proof" that Obama’s speech contained a secret message when played backwards.

The 'Fox & Friends' hosts also asked Ted Nugent for his reaction on the State of the Union.

Nugent said President Obama should just “take the guns out of the hands of crazy people,” instead of signing new gun control laws: “It’s not hard to tell who is crazy. Just look at their eyes: the white part, and the swirly part, and the third-eye of truth.”

The 'Fox & Friends' hosts also addressed the U.K. scandal of horse meat, which they claimed "might make you run faster" and "poop out glue."

The hosts concluded it was best to never leave the U.S. and go to an IHOP restaurant instead.



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