Satanic Temple Uses Hobby Lobby Ruling to Fight Consent Laws


The Satanic Temple is using the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision to promote their own political objectives.

The Hobby Lobby ruling held that businesses with religious objections to certain contraceptives cannot be required to cover them in the insurance they provide to their employees, as mandated in the Affordable Care Act.

The Satanic group, based in New York with followers across the country, wants to use the precedent set by the Hobby Lobby ruling to fight informed consent laws which mandate that women considering abortions must be given state-approved literature about the procedure. They reason that if Hobby Lobby can be exempted from laws based on their religious beliefs, then they are entitled to the same priviledge. Cardozo School of Law professor Marci Hamilton says the group's appeal puts Hobby Lobby supporters in a tough spot.

"It really puts the conservative Christians and the anti-contraceptive Catholics in a bind: They're going to have to argue that a religious group should lose a [religious freedom] claim that is on par with the Hobby Lobby claim," Hamilton said. "The courts can’t pick and choose between beliefs."

Here's what Jex Blackmore, head of the Detroit chapter of The Satanic Temple, had to say on the reasons for his group's appeal: "We should only have to review medical or scientific information based solely on fact and not politicized. Some of that state-drafted information is medical in nature [but] it's just that it's written in a very biased format."

Blackmore argues that the informed consent pamphlets run counter to their religious beliefs. Currently, 35 states give out this type of information.

Now, they want women to print out their own consent form and give it to their doctor. If their doctor still gives them the state-mandated form, the Satanic Temple says it will file a lawsuit on their behalf.

Source: ABC News / Photo Credit: The Daily Signal


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