Sarah Palin Pandering By Wearing Jewish Star of David?


Sarah Palin's "One Nation" bus tour stopped in New York City Wednesday where she visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (video below). Also making an appearance around her neck was the large Star of David she picked up during her trip to Israel. Palin is not Jewish, so why is she wearing a symbol of Judaism?

Even the Rupert Murdoch-owned, right-leaning New York Post felt the need to mention that Palin was "sporting a Star of David necklace" in its report on her visit.

The New York City area, of course, is home to millions of Jews. Is it possible she is pandering for potential votes if she decides to run for President in 2012?

When the Star first appeared during her trip to Israel in March, The Washington Post wrote:

Her visit to Israel may have been an intriguing political maneuver, but it was the sight of Palin, a Christian woman, wearing the Jewish symbol that has sparked the most discussion. When is a necklace more than a necklace? When it makes a ‘major statement' on Christian support for Israel.

Palin in Israel in March

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Christians generally support Israel, but many Jews are suspicious of that support. They feel it is part of an anti-Muslim agenda rather than a pro-Israel view.

The Post reports that David Brog, the executive director of Christians United for Israel, told The Atlantic that wearing the Star of David is in vogue among Christian woman who support Israel:

“A lot of the folks in my organization, they wear Stars of David,” he noted. “Mainly the women.”

The Atlantic writes:

In CUFI circles, indeed, “it is increasingly common to wear one all the time,” Brog noted, and not just while visiting Israel.

To do so is seen as an expression of being “pro-Israel” and “philosemitic,” part and parcel with worshiping Jesus as a Jewish carpenter and honoring the Jewish roots of Christianity.

But is it offensive for a Christian to wear a symbol of Judaism? Palin and others can support Israel without wearing the Star of David, just as Jewish politicians support Christians without wearing a cross. Or is this just a blatant attempt by Palin to curry favor with a small but influential group of people?


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