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Sarah Palin's Secret Facebook Account to Praise Herself?

Each day we find out more and more about this political Shill and her family.. Like creating a  fake facebook account to praise her every move. There are people wo actually DO THIS. I had some talentless Lip syncing former twink ACCUSE me of havng one.. ( then you find out -THEY were the ones with the Fake account). my Grandmother always said: A fox smell his own hole first. pffftt.

Sarah Palin has apparently created a second Facebook account with her Gmail address so that this fake “Lou Sarah” person can praise the other Sarah Palin on Facebook. The Gmail address is available for anyone to see in this leaked manuscript about Sarah Palin, and the Facebook page for “Lou Sarah” — Sarah Palin’s middle name is “Louise” — is just a bunch of praise and “Likes” for the things Sarah Palin likes and writes on her other Sarah Palin Facebook page. “Lou Sarah” even says “amen” to Facebook posts by Sarah Sarah.


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