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Sarah Palin to Headline Wisconsin Right-to-Life Event

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The press release came via email yesterday...

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... and I was as pleasantly surprised as anyone. I asked Wisconsin Right to Life president Barb Lyons to dish details, and she responded:

We have been trying to get her for a year. We just found out Friday that we had her and had to wait until yesterday to release the info.... We are incredibly excited!

Me, too!

Palin's book, Going Rogue, is scheduled for release only 11 days after this event, on November 17, so the media should be worked into a frenzy.

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This is Palin's 2nd speaking engagement at a pro-life banquet following her run for VP, the first being April 16 at Vanderburgh Co. Right to Life's banquet in IN, which says a lot about her deep and continued pro-life convictions.

Tickets to the Palin event at Wisconsin Right to Life are $30 each, limit 4. If I can arrange a flight to get back in time from another engagement, I'm going!


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