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Sarah Palin Supporters to CBS --"Suspend David Letterman"

WASHINGTON --- Today Team Sarah commented on the recent comments by David Letterman made at the expense of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her family:

"The prevalence of contempt and personal attacks hidden behind the cloak of humor is part of the reason why so many Americans have become cynical about involvement in public life," said Team Sarah Co-Founder Marjorie Dannenfelser. "As a mother of five, three of them daughters, I can't think of anything less funny than sexual jokes about underage girls. A generally understood rule of politics is that the children are off-limits. Why are Palin's children an exception? I urge Americans to continue to call and write CBS to express their displeasure until Letterman delivers a true apology or is suspended from the air."

Team Sarah members are leading a grassroots effort to contact CBS to express their disappointment with David Letterman's monologue earlier this week that included vulgar references to the governor, as well as sexual references at the expense of her young daughter.

"The continual presence of personal attacks on both Governor Palin and her family indicate that she remains a threat to the liberal political establishment," said Team Sarah Co-Founder Jane Abraham. "Despite the criticism, Governor Palin's success will endure. Team Sarah's thousands of members remain as engaged as ever on, and with every attack they reassert their commitment to and defense of America's brightest female political star. The Governor has inspired millions, and her audience of enthusiastic support will only grow in the future."



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