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Sarah Palin Suggests She May Join Third Political Party (Video)

Former half-term Alaska Governor and current Fox News commentator Sarah Palin appeared on "Hannity" last night and suggested that she might join a third political party because Republicans are acting like Democrats.

Fox News host Sean Hannity asked Palin her thoughts about Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) losing to a Tea Party candidate in a recent GOP primary, notes (video below).

Palin said the U.S. would be better off by following "the Constitution" and "adopting the free market," and claimed that Rep. Cantor was representing "the machine, the establishment that had been there too long and was part of that status quo problem."

Hannity asked Palin if she might join a third party as she has hinted about in the past, reports

“If Republicans are gonna act like Democrats, then what’s the use in getting all gung-ho about getting more Republicans in there?" asked Palin. "We need people who understand the beauty of, the value of, allowing the free market to thrive."

Palin gave no specific examples of Republicans or Democrats stopping the free market from thriving.

She also claimed that President Obama wanted to "oppress women by keeping them dependent on big brother government to take care of all their needs."

Palin provided no actual specific examples of her claim, but added, "The war on women, they started it."

In reality, Republicans have tried to strip contraceptives from Obamacare, limit abortion availability and opposed equal pay laws for women.

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