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Sarah Palin Starting Pay Digital Channel

Sarah Palin is reportedly going to have her own digital channel called “Rogue TV,” which will be part of TAPP, a pay service created by former CNN president Jon Klein and former NBC entertainment chairman Jeff Gaspin.

An unidentified source told Capital New York that Palin's channel will be a “video version of her Facebook page,” where Palin often attacks the President of the United States, health care and Americans who do not share her religious beliefs.

Palin has more than 4 million people following her Facebook page, but to watch her on TAPP will cost her fans $10 per month.

In addition to politics, Palin will share advice on parenting and recipes.

“I will tell you that Sarah Palin is the kind of personality who has a massive social presence, and a core group of followers and supporters who hang on to her every word," Klein told Bloomberg TV earlier this week, noted "That is exactly the characteristic that these channels are looking for."

“Everybody’s got someone, one person at least, that they would pay $10 per month to get more of,” said Klein.

Sources: and Capital New York


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