Sarah Palin: 'Smart Democrats' Should Vote Trump (Video)


Former half-term Republican Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska asked "GOP and independents and smart Democrats" to vote for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump in a video that she posted on her Facebook page on May 3 (video below).

Standing next to an American flag, Palin said:

Thank you Indiana, thanks for all your hard work. To all of you who have believed in making a real difference in our politics and in the way things have been done in the past that have put America in a pretty precarious position. Thank you so much for supporting Trump and believing in this idea of being able to make America great again.

We’re finally on the road to do so, but we do have to unite first so GOP and independents and smart Democrats, truly it is time to come together, pull together, remember that united we will stand, our country will stand united.

Divided, we’re going to fall. So now, after participating in some really healthy, kind of arduous competition, and now, more than ever, it’s time to come together and put some differences aside. Stand on principle, that principle that, yeah, we have opportunity to make America great again.

We’ve needed a revolution, and we’ve found our revolutionary. So, thanks for all your hard work, congratulations Donald J. Trump. And here we go, on the road to make America great again.

Palin's plea to Democrats was a departure from her 2014 speech at CPAC.

Palin said at the time: "Hey Democrats, it's your leaders who are demeaning to women. Liberals seem to think the women of America are cheap dates. Feed 'em a few lines about that free birth control, throw in some scary quotes about the war on women, and they will be yours," noted

Palin added that Democrats don't want to "bother their pretty little heads with tax policy, or debilitating debt, or energy independence."

"Imagine if they treated the men like that," Palin stated. "We know better than to fall for that victimization line from the president."

Sources: via / Photo credit: Sarah Palin/Facebook

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