Sarah Palin Says Obama's Too 'Lazy' To Hold People Accountable In VA Scandal (Video)

Conservative pundit Sarah Palin says that the Obama administration is too “lazy” to hold anyone accountable in any scandal, including the cover-up of long wait times at Veterans Affairs hospitals that has resulted in the deaths of American veterans.

Fox News host Sean Hannity asked Palin her thoughts on the VA scandal Wednesday night.

“We're hearing from victims and the whistleblowers, at least on this program,” he said. “We're putting on the victims who have lost loved ones because of the scandal at the VA. But it is Albuquerque and it's Colorado and it's Phoenix and it's Florida and it's Virginia and it's West Virginia and it's all now – they're looking – probing 26 separate areas.”

“Well, the problem starts at the top,” Palin said.

“They have earned the benefits that we should be providing them, that they have been promised," she said of veterans, "and yet the commander-in-chief has let that all go by the wayside until it blows up, and then it blows up in this public issue that we see today, and he just spews more rhetoric."

“Nothing's going to happen while Obama is in charge of our military and the VA and our federal government in general,” she added. “Government's going to continue to grow under Barack Obama, and this big, ineffective, inefficient government that he has grown will just create and perpetuate the problem.”

“Why do you think the president does not hold people accountable?” Hannity asked. “Eric Holder lies to Congress. You got, obviously, the worst rollout of a Web site, with more lead time and more money spent in the history of mankind with Kathleen Sebelius. She didn't get fired. Now Shinseki's not going to get fired. Why doesn't he hold people accountable?”

“Well, a couple of reasons. One is when you hold someone accountable, it takes some energy and resource, and Barack Obama is lazy,” she said. “In fact, he warned us that he was lazy and he attributed that to having been brought up in Hawaii. It's his words, not mine.

“And another thing is that Barack Obama still doesn't see what the main problem is,” she continued. “The main problem is government. It's not the solution, like Ronald Reagan said, it is the problem.”

Sources: Mediaite, Fox News


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