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Sarah Palin Says Fiscal Conservatives Are 'More Energized Than Ever' (Video)

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called for Republicans to unite after President Obama blamed the party for the government shutdown, noting that “fiscal conservatives are more energized than ever.”

Palin also criticized Obama for saying that the Republican spectacle emboldened enemies of the U.S., calling the remark one of his more out of touch statements.

She continued to rail against Obama for a number of things, including withholding checks from veterans during the shutdown and the deaths at Benghazi.

Palin further discussed the Tea Party Republicans' recent victory, claiming they did not lose anything in the budget fight, and would not suffer in upcoming elections.

Palin added that she hopes that Republicans will regain the Senate, noting that conservatives are energetic and fed up with Democratic rule over the branches.

On Facebook, Palin suggested alternatives to current Senate Republicans, arguing that a robust election often leads to finer detail of candidate platforms.

“Those who can't stand strong to defend our republic, to defend our Constitution, heck yeah they should be primaried,” Palin said. “Otherwise we are going down.”

The former governor intends to support those who opposed the budget deal rather than those who supported it, hoping to bump out Senators Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Lamar Alexander and Thad Cochran.

Sources: Fox News, MediaITE


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