Sarah Palin Raking in the Dough: $10 Million Since Resigning

By Michael Beckel

Since former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin quit the governorship of Alaska a year ago, she has cashed in on her name and worked to build her brand.

According to Forbes, Palin's revenue has been approximately $10 million since she left office in July 2009. The bulk of this sum comes from her book, Going Rogue, and Palin has also made about $1 million as a commentator on Fox News.

According to Forbes, Palin's new millions are "a windfall, but hardly the birth of a financial juggernaut." As governor, Palin made $125,000 a year.

Personal financial juggernaut or not, her political clout is undoubtedly growing. Politico reports that in the last three months, Palin's political action committee collected more than $866,000 -- the committee's best quarter since its inception in January 2009. Between April and June, SarahPAC doled out $87,500 to candidates -- her group's largest batch of donations to date.


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