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Sarah Palin's Typo-Filled Tweet: Calls Obama "Backasswards"

Sarah Palin certainly has a way with words, there's no question about that. Whether she's talking about seeing Russia from her front porch or blaming environmentalists for the BP oil spill, the failed vice presidential candidate sometimes seems at war with the English language. Her latest problems come via Twitter.

Palin took to the 140-words or fewer Web site to bash President Obama over a speech he made at a fundraiser for Nevada Senator Harry Reid. Palin writes, referring to an editorial about the speech in the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

"LasVegas RJ editorial recaps Obama lecture 2 Runnin' Rebs. He's got most disconnected, backasswards plan ever imposed on the country we love."

One can only assume Palin meant to write "he has the most" instead of "he's got most" and maybe the even less classy "assbackwards." But with her, who knows? In Palin's defense, the word "backasswards" is listed on the web site Urban Dictionary as a pseudo-word:

adj. Very nonsensical... to the point of confusion. So completely and utterly the opposite of what should be that trying to think or explain it creates a mental paradox.

Speaking of confusion, that wasn't Palin's only Twitter mistake. Writing about Reid's opponent, Tea Party candidate and Palin protege Sharron Angle, Palin spells her name wrong!

"Sharon Angle's right: new workers should get to invest some Social Security withholdings in their own savings accounts & Washington cont. to pay promised benefits to older workers."

Sarah Palin needs a dictionary, an editor or someone to write the correct words in her hand. Or perhaps she needs to go back to school. Obviously, the five colleges Palin needed to attend to achieve her Bachelor's Degree (in communications, no less) didn't do their job.


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