Sarah Palin: Pay Me Before I Make Decision on 2012 Race


Earlier this week Sarah Palin suggested that she is pushing back her decision on whether to run for president from September to November. Is this just so she could raise more money?

Gawker reports that SarahPAC sent out a letter to past supporters asking for a bit more cash, despite the fact that Palin is not even in the race:

As you may know, Gov. Palin is on the verge of making her decision of whether or not to run for office.

It's one of the most difficult and important decisions of her life. And I want her to know that she has our support.

Gov. Palin is a proven leader. She's a common-sense conservative who fights for the rights of Americans like you and me - not special interests or big corporations.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama's presidency is a disaster. One in five working-age men are out of work. One in seven Americans are on food stamps. Thirty percent of our mortgages are under water. Parts of Michigan and California are suffering from unemployment numbers that are greater than during the depths of the Great Depression.

Someone must save our nation from this road to European Socialism. Do you think it should be Gov. Palin?

If so, can you send your best, one-time gift to SarahPAC today to help her elect more common-sense conservatives - and show her that we support her if she decides to run?

As Gawker pointed out:

Note to the SarahPAC email writer: When you underline these things, it doesn't make it sound less like a shakedown.


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