Sarah Palin Movie Flops: Bad Film or No One Cares Anymore?


The new documentary about Sarah Palin may be called "The Undefeated," but it is apparently a big loser. No one is seeing it, and now it is headed to pay-per-view.

The film opened to much hoopla in 10 locations last week. It expanded to 14 cities this weekend, yet somehow the box office revenue declined. Reuters said it was down 63%, taking in just $24,000.

The film had a per-screen average of $7,500 in its initial weekend, a figure that was "not a number that anyone should brag about," Atlantic Wire editor and former Variety box office reporter Gabriel Snyder said.

However Victory Film Group and distributor ARC Entertainment, the companies behind the film, said the figure was "above $11,000 in top markets." 

Either way, Yahoo! News reports that the movie will be moved to on-demand and pay-per-view starting September 1, the companies said in a news release:

"ARC will continue to expand the limited engagement theatrical release nationwide throughout August and September as demand across the country remains high."

While supporters predictably cheered the pro-Palin documentary, critics panned it. It was certified "rotten" on the website Rotten Tomatoes with a 0% rating -- meaning all the reviews the site found (13 in this case) were negative.

Supporters were hoping a successful reception could pave the way for a Palin candidacy for president in 2012. She is expected to reveal her decision next month of in September.

What do you think this means? Do you think it indicates that people don't really care about Palin anymore, or did they just stay away because they heard it was a bad film?


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