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Sarah Palin Gives Her Political Commentary On Ferguson In The Form Of A Meme

Sarah Palin has decided to break her silence on the issues facing Ferguson, Missouri, and she did so by posting a meme involving President Obama.

The former Republican governor tried her hand at some comedy over the weekend by posting a meme in regards to the looting and rioting that followed the grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown. The meme was originally posted on Mad World News.

The meme featured President Obama with a quote reading: “I will be signing a new executive order replacing the word 'looting' with 'undocumented shopping.'”

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The reactions for the meme were mixed. Some accused Palin of race-baiting, others found the meme to be insensitive to Ferguson protestors and undocumented immigrants alike. A portion of the social media commentators seemed not to understand what a meme was and thought this was an actual quote made by President Obama. Some found it funny and in line with Palin's typical jabs at the POTUS.

Source: The ExaminerFacebookMad World News / Photo Credit: Flickr


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