Sarah Palin Expresses Sympathy for Convicted Murderer Jeffrey MacDonald

On a recent post on her Facebook page, former vice presidential candidate and half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin attacked author Joe McGinniss, who wrote a book about her last year, The Rogue.

In the same Facebook post, she defended Jeffrey MacDonald, who was convicted in 1979 for murdering his wife and children.

MacDonald claimed that his family was killed on Feb. 17, 1970, by three men and a woman in a Manson-type murder in North Carolina. McGinniss wrote a book about MacDonald and the murders called 'Fatal Vision' in 1983.

Today, the Associated Press reported that a federal judge will consider DNA evidence and new testimony, which MacDonald claims would clear him of the triple murder.

On her Facebook page, Palin wrote: “Apparently, falsely convicted men don’t make for good books. McGinniss decided it was a better story to agree with the jury. MacDonald wasn’t a sympathetic figure. He did himself no favors with some media appearances."

"So, McGinniss went about writing a book that would convince people the government got the right verdict and we could all pat ourselves on the back and leave Jeffrey MacDonald to rot in his jail cell till Judgment Day.”

“I realize that what McGinniss did to thrash my reputation is nowhere near as horrible as what he did to corrupt the narrative of a murder case (especially if it helped keep an innocent man in jail). But it’s still egregious and disgusting because many in the media ran with it in order to add another chapter to their own false narrative.”

RawStory.com reports that Palin wrote that she is not completely convinced of MacDonald’s innocence, but does “know from personal experience that McGinniss is a stone cold manipulative liar.”

Palin did not mention any specifics of the "false narrative" or the supposed "lies" in McGinniss' book about her.


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