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Sarah Palin Earns $12 Million Since Resigning as Alaska Gov.

It certainly pays to fail as a vice presidential candidate, then leave your state in the middle of your first term. A new report says Sarah Palin has raked in a whopping $12 million dollars since bailing out as Alaska's governor last July.

ABC News made the estimate from public records and news accounts. The report says since Palin does not publicize her earnings, the figure is probably much higher. Much of the money comes from her book and television deals, as well as her highly publicized, highly paid speaking engagements.

She reportedly got $7 million for her memoir and will earn $250,000 per episode for each of the eight episodes of a reality show about Alaska, according to The Daily Beast. And then there is her undisclosed salary from Fox News -- and a second book deal.

In contrast, she made a "paltry" $125,000 a year as governor of Alaska.

According to Politico, Palin's typical fee to appear and make a speech is $100,000. She charges less for appearances on the West Coast because it is closer to her Alaska home. Palin said she would not charge for speeches for certain charities. But organizers in Toronto say they are paying Palin "in the ballpark" of $200,000 to speak at a fundraiser dinner for a cancer hospital.

A Palin aide responding to questions from ABC News said the governor "is now a private citizen. As a result, her fees and earnings are private."


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