Sarah Palin Compared United States Debt To Slavery (Video)


Former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin spoke at a conservative fundraiser in Iowa Saturday evening.

Huffington Post reported that she compared the debt of the United States to slavery, alleging that the youth of America will be shackled by the nation’s spending.

Palin spoke at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition’s fall fundraiser, warning of the allure of “free stuff” given by the government, according to the Des Moines Register’s Jennifer Jacobs.

“This free stuff, so seductive,” Palin said. “Why do you think marketers use free stuff to bring people in? Free stuff is such a strong marketing ploy. But didn’t you all learn too in Econ 101 there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch? Our free stuff today is being paid for by taking money from our children and borrowing from China.”

“When that note comes due — and this isn’t racist, but it’s going to be like slavery when that note is due,” she continued. “We are going to be beholden to a foreign master. Because there is no plan coming out of Washington, D.C. to stop the incurrence of debt.”

Palin received a huge applause from the audience, which consisted of about 750 people, when she mentioned how establishment Republicans failed grassroots conservatives during the government shutdown argument over the Affordable Care Act.

“Remember their promise that they would do everything in their power to fight against socialized medicine, against Obamacare?” she said. “When it came time to stand and defund it, they waived the white flag of surrender and they threw under the bus the good guys who did stand up and fight.”

Palin was supposed to speak immediately following the dinner’s keynote speaker, Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, but was changed to headline the program.

Iowa Faith & Freedom President Steve Scheffler, Faith & Freedom Coalition founder Ralph Reed, Jr., Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and U.S. Rep. Steve King were all present to speak. Phyllis Schlafly was honored for her service to conservative causes, the Des Moines Register reported.


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