Sarah Palin to Co-Host "Today" Show on Tuesday

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NBC has announced that Sarah Palin will co-host the "Today" show Tuesday morning.

In a brief mention on its website Sunday, the network said, "She'll reveal a different side of her than you've seen before." No word on what that different side might be.

The move comes after the network morning wars got a sudden jolt late last week when ABC announced that Katie Couric will co-host "Good Morning America" all week, filling in for Robin Roberts.

Couric, of course, was the long-time co-host of "Today" before leaving for her ultimately failed attempt to anchor the "CBS Evening News." It was during her reign at CBS that she interviewed Palin in the midst of the 2008 presidential campaign which notoriously highlighted Palin's lack of knowledge on major issues.

So now they go head-to-head again. Here is the infamous interview:


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