Sarah Palin Claims Media 'Crucified' Her Over Dog Photo (Video)


Sarah Palin was one of the speakers yesterday at the conservative Iowa Freedom Summit event.

According to, Palin complained about how the media "crucified" her (and her family) after she posted a picture of her son standing on the family dog (video below).

In her defense, Palin mentioned what Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) does to those "poor, defenseless, really great-tasting Iowa hogs."

"Not to mention what the president admitted doing to those innocent Indonesian puppies," added Palin, in a reference to President Obama eating dog meat as a child in Indonesia.

"The media crucified us, but that's alright, we're getting used to that," grumbled Palin. reports that Palin's speech was rambling at times with open shots at "the man" (video below), causing conservative columnist Toby Harden to tweet, "End of the day, some empty seats, media buzzing over Palin bizarro, Walker triumph stories filed - not an ideal slot for @GovChristie."

Real Clear Politics reporter Scott Conroy tweeted, "I don't say this lightly. This is the strangest speech I've ever seen Sarah Palin deliver."

Political writer Ana Marie Cox tweeted, "I cannot stress enough that this is *least amount of sense* I’ve heard Palin make. Not a Scott-Walker’s-charisma-level bar, either."

Image Credit: C-SPAN Screenshot


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