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Sarah Palin Claims Federal Government is 'Stockpiling Bullets' for 'Civil Unrest'

Former half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently wrote on her Facebook page that the federal government is “stockpiling bullets” for “civil unrest,” but provided no proof for her claim.

Palin wrote about the sequestration deal on her Facebook page:

If we are going to wet our proverbial pants over 0.3% in annual spending cuts when we’re running up trillion dollar annual deficits, then we’re done. Put a fork in us. We’re finished. We’re going to default eventually and that’s why the feds are stockpiling bullets in case of civil unrest.

Palin did not mention that the DHS explained more than once that their purchase of bullets was for law enforcement, as it always has been in the past, reports

Palin also claimed:

The President has already hit American families and small business owners with his tax increases, or “more revenue” as he likes to call it.

In reality, President Obama did not hit American families or small business owners with a tax increase, but allowed the Bush tax cuts - which benefit the very wealthy - to expire.

Palin also wrote:

The real economic Armageddon looming before us is our runaway debt, not the sequester...

However, she did not explain how or why America's debt would lead to an "economic Armageddon."

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