Sarah Palin Calls D.C. Political Establishment A 'Corrupt Bastards Club'


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin criticized Congress and other associates of Washington D.C. in an op-ed published Sunday, referring to them as the “Corrupt Bastards Club”.

"Today, doesn't it seem like we have a Corrupt Bastards Club in D.C.?” Palin wrote. “On steroids?"

She noted that representatives are indifferent to the meaning of We the People.

Palin prefaced her argument by noting that she was prepared to be attacked for the comparison.

The fight to defund the Affordable Health Care Act should have revealed such corruption, according to Palin.

The Tea Partier also praised Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for encouraging a government shutdown, which she claimed was the only credible plan of action to defund socialized healthcare.

"There was no other credible alternative plan to seize the constitutionally appropriate opportunity,” Palin wrote, “to legislatively close the purse strings to stop the juggernaut of full socialized medicine.”

Palin’s opinion, however, has grown more unpopular as the country recovers from the government shutdown. Republicans like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. John McCain have both chastised Sen. Ted Cruz for encouraging the shutdown, arguing that it wasn’t worth pushing against Obamacare.

Sources: The Huffington Post, BreitBart


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