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Sarah and Bristol Palin Mock American POW Bowe Bergdahl (Video)

Former half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin slammed American POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and President Obama earlier this week on her Facebook page.

Palin, who often lectures Americans to "support the troops," slammed Bergdahl for supposedly "expressing horrid anti-American beliefs" on Facebook.  She also claimed that President Obama "blew it" by negotiating the release of Bergdahl from the Taliban.

For about five years, Bergdahl has had no communication with the outside world, prompting his father Bob Bergdahl to say that his son "was having trouble speaking English."

Monika Schmid, Professor of Linguistics at University of Essex, confirmed this is possible on because Bergdahl's captors may not have allowed him to speak English and because of the trauma he has endured for the past five years.

Tossing science and logic aside, Bristol Palin mocked Bergdahl on Facebook. According to, she posted a selfie of her mom (pictured above) with her and wrote:

So they claim Sgt. Bergdahl doesn't remember the English language and that's why he can't be interviewed?? #‎WTF

Really #‎WTF .. Hire him a translator

This is just one of the many attacks from conservatives launched against Bergdahl over the past week in an attempt to vilify the serviceman.

During a recent appearance on Democracy Now (video below), former U.S. Army soldier Brock McIntosh addressed the attacks made by ex-soldiers and conservatives against Bergdahl and Obama.

McIntosh, who served in the Paktika Province in Afghanistan as Bergdahl did, said, "Conservatives are using the allegations of soldiers in his unit to imply that this man wasn’t a hero and therefore, President Obama is not a hero for bringing this soldier home."

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