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Sanders To Voters: Not The Time For Protest Vote (Video)

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont urged his supporters on Sept. 16 not to do a protest vote against his former rival Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (video below).

Sanders made his comments during an interview on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes":

To quote Mitt Romney, somebody I very rarely quote, that Donald Trump is a fraud and a phony. He's a showman, he will say anything, anytime. And the media has a hard time defining what he stands for because he changes his views every single day. What we do know, Chris, at a time of massive income and wealth inequality, you don't do what Trump does, and give unbelievable tax breaks to billionaires.

Sanders said that Clinton will make sure that every student, from a family making $125,000 or less, will be able to go to a public college or university for free.

Sanders also said that Clinton has a plan to deal with climate change, while Trump thinks that climate change "doesn't exist" and is a "hoax" from the Chinese.

Sanders said that people may not like Clinton on every issue, but added, "Right now is not the time to be supporting a protest vote. Right now, we have to make sure that Trump does not become president, and Clinton is the person to beat him."

Sanders hammered the same theme during a speech for Clinton on Sept. 16 in New Paltz, New York, noted The Washington Post:

This is not the time for a protest vote, in terms of a presidential campaign. I ran as a third-party candidate. I'm the longest-serving independent in the history of the United States Congress. I know more about third-party politics than anyone else in the Congress, okay?

And if people want to run as third-party candidates, God bless them! Run for Congress. Run for governor. Run for state legislature. When we're talking about president of the United States, in my own personal view, this is not time for a protest vote. This is time to elect Hillary Clinton and then work after the election to mobilize millions of people to make sure she can be the most progressive president she can be.

Sources: MSNBC/YouTube, The Washington Post / Photo credit: MSNBC/YouTube

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