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Bernie Sanders Votes For Rand Paul's 'Audit The Fed' Bill

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Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont voted to back Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky's Audit the Fed bill, which would allow a comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve. 

Although the bill won almost unanimous support from Republicans on Jan. 12, and garnered support from Sanders as well as Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, it was blocked by Senate Democrats and fell short of the 60 votes needed for consideration.

Sanders, who is currently running for the Democratic nomination for president, previously worked with Paul’s father, former Rep. Ron Paul, on similar legislation to audit the Federal Reserve.

Sanders is a vocal critic of big banks and wrote in a recent opinion piece for The New York Times that the Fed is in need of reform. 

“There is a revolving door between the Fed, the Treasury and Wall Street -- a revolving door in a building all-too-eager to enrich big banks and asset holders at the expense of everyone else,” Paul said of the legislation.

“I think that it’s about time we pull back the curtain to uncover this cloak of secrecy once and for all."

Sources: The Hill, US News & World Report / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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